My name is Noemi.

From a very young age I have always had the need to create with my hands and to know how any object had been created, that's why any handcraft hobby woke up in my curiosity and I needed to experience it.

Today I have not changed much as an adult, the only thing I have managed is to channel this need into a profession.

As a model/ prop maker I am always thrilled to collaborate in creative projects as I love to work and share knowledge with people and always open to learn new techniques and technology.

The skills that I can offer you are:

-Three dimensional thinking and desing

-Sclupting and carving big and small scale

-Mold making and casting (silicone, resins and plaster)

-Confident in painting using spray guns, airbrush, and by hand.

-Attention to detail and accuracy

-Hand drawing and digital AutoCAD,Photoshop and Rhino3D)

-Confident and experienced with: laser cutter, circular saw, shot blaster, vac forming, band saw, pillar drill, some mill and lathe experience.

Shall we work together?!!!