My name is Noemi, I was born in 1984 on a very cold winter day somewhere in Spain. Escaping from the cold of my hometown, I ended up in Edinburgh. It is quite ironic isn't it? but  thanks to this I started to discover a new world.

I have been looking for a long time what my niche is in the artistic field, developing many skills that I didn’t know how to fit into the professional world such as illustration, photography, miniatures, dioramas, etc. Until  I discovered the world of Stop Motion animation, where the traditional craft and digital technology come together.

I realized that I was fascinated by the sets, the tiny objects, the puppets, and the concept artwork. How an idea that originated from one’s mind is reflected on paper and then turned into something tangible.

It is then that I noticed that since I was a child I had devoted myself to doing all of this and I would like to be part of creative projects within the film or advertisement industry.

Welcome to my website! I hope you like my treasures!

Noemi Mare