The Fisherman´s Hut: Elaboration process of the props, PART2

I will start explaning you how I made all the objects that are contained inside the net. These consist on a cardboard box, two buoys, a life preserver and an umbrella.




Something that I learnt when I was doing the buoys, it is never use foil with polimer clay because you are going to have big lumps. Maybe you can avoid them if you make small holes in the polimer clay so it is not going to inflame.






For the window curtain I used a piece of very thin cloth, a chopstick, balsa wood, wire, string, and fabric paint aged with tea.


6. Building the bed. This consists in two pallets, a mattress and sails to resemble the sheets.

6a. The pallets are made of simple wood strips of one centimeter wide and 2 meters long. The most difficult part is to have a clear mind of how to approach the structure, as there are many different varieties of pallets. When I had a clear view of the dimensions and the structure, I began to cut the strips and glue them together using a hot glue gun. Be careful because it dries very fast.

6B. Mattress and sails.


7. Getting into the smaller details:

7 A. Various starfish made with polymer clay.

7 B. Shelf with bottles, a candle, books, a piece of bread and the remains of an apple.

For the shelf I used the same material I used for the walls and the floor. A piece of foam board without the cardboard sides and applying the same techniques explained at the beginning of this document.








The bottles come from my dollhouse; I simply filled them with sand and stained them a bit so that it looks a bit dusty. I added a message inside one of the bottles.







The seashell and sea urchin I caught on the beach.

The book I made when I was a little child and the other book is made of wads of paper which I bound.

The bread, the candle and the apple are made of polymer clay. I followed some tutorials I found to build them but I gave my own style to it.









I finally added everything to the shelf with a hot glue gun. Afterwards, this shelf got attached to the wall on top of the bed.

8. The last thing I made for this set is the barrel with an old kerosene lamp on top to resemble the bedside table. I reuse the electrical system of a battery operated candle. It is not finished yet but I would like to show the steps I have done so far.



I still working on the kerosene lamp. I hope very soon you will be able to see the final piece.

Thank you for reading me.

Noemi Mare