In the second part of this post I will show you the process of elaboration of all the props form The Fisherman´s hut. I was a big challange to allmost everything by hand. It was very exciting figuer out how to all the objects. I was learning constantly.

After I've been working very hard I am proud to share with you this personal project. In my first post I talked about the process of elaboration of The Sailor and The Seagull puppet so in this post, divided in two parts, I will show almost all the steps that I took to create a set for stop motion movies. In this case the set is a part of the house of this puppet or character.


I started to develop this puppet before I discovered the field of stop-motion, so it should be different if it had to be animated. However, this is an example project to show my artistic skills and the desire to improve, learn and in the future work on creative projects for companies that integrate both the traditional craftsmanship with digital skills.